I’m an artist and illustrator, working in printmaking and fabric design. I grew up in Wiltshire by Salisbury Plain, studied fine art at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, worked as a digital designer in London and am now based in Hertfordshire.

My work is inspired by nature and natural history, pattern. My graphic and illustrative style translates strongly into textile design where there is of course a long tradition of relief printmaking.

I began making woodcuts after finding my grandad's old carving tools in my parents' shed. The physical act of printmaking is immensely restorative and satisfying, and I am always excited by the ‘reveal’ and the boldness and energy my drawings take on when turned into prints.

I start by making lots of drawings and thinking in layers. Then I reverse the design, trace it onto the wood or lino, carve and roll on the ink. It's a fluid process and things often change at the cutting stage, especially with woodcuts where the grain dictates or suggests what's possible – and this helps to keep things fresh.

I have always been drawn to pattern: as a boy I was fascinated with the Victorian tiles on our steps and I’ll never forget my bedroom wallpaper – a beautiful Indian jungle print with peacocks, tigers and deer.

These childhood memories helped lead me to fabric design; I love translating my block prints into repeat patterns. And it’s so exciting to see my fabrics used in different ways to bring interest and individuality to a space.